Photo Gallery

The Center

Full view of Center looking onto Krantz Dorm

Full view of grounds looking onto Dining Hall

Grounds looking onto the Kitchen

One of two bamboo groves

Looking out to the meadow from the Krantz Dorm

Morning view of Labyrinth through the eyes of spider

Bamboo grove near Meditation Hall

Bridge leading to the Meditation Hall from Dining Hall

The bamboo forest canopy

Path leading to Dining Hall/Edgar House

The Dorms

Edgar Dorm – Room 1

View from Edgar Dorm – Room 1

Path next to Edgar Dorm

Krantz Dorm – One of two bathrooms

Krantz Dorm – One of four rooms

Krantz Dorm – Entry Hall

The Kitchen/Dining Hall

Dining Hall

Meditation/Meeting Hall

Grounds – Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall – All doors open fully out to the meadow

Meditation Hall side windows

Retreat Pictures

Dining Hall – Ready for an Asian Feast

Meditation Hall – Decorated for one retreat May 2008

Meditation Hall – Decorated for a retreat

Meditation Hall – Decorated for retreat September 2008