Before launching into the many ways for you to support the Margaret Austin Center, let us first honor you for your presence at the Center as you lead or attend retreats and as you allow us to be part of your life and your spiritual growth. Your presence blesses the Center and for that we are thankful.

We hope you will recognize that in Margaret’s Farm we have preserved a precious Texas resource for this and future generations. May your generosity contribute to the happiness of all beings everywhere.

In keeping with our Mission, we keep costs low for the groups using the Center. This means that retreat revenue typically covers only 75% of Center expenses. We ask that those with the financial resources to do so make a donation to the Center, so that the cycle of giving can continue. All donations are tax deductible.

The pages below describe the many different ways to support the Margaret Austin Center financially:
• Become a sustaining contributor
• Paver inscribed with your personal message
• One-time donations
• Give when you shop
• Leaving a legacy: estate planning
• The dana basket

Taxpayers who itemize can qualify for the federal income tax charitable deduction by making gifts to the Margaret Austin Center. Maximum limits for such deductions may apply, depending on the type and size of the gift and the total of a donor’s gifts to charitable organizations during any one year. Gifts to the Margaret Austin Center may also qualify for favorable treatment in connection with capital gains, estate, and inheritance taxes. These advantages will depend on the circumstances of the gift.

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